Getting Gophers To Leave Your Garden Damage-Free

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Gophers cause all types of havoc on personal property, from the digging of holes throughout gardens to eating the very vegetation you are desperately trying to grow. If you have noticed these critters in your garden area, you are likely worried about how much you will be able to harvest because of their presence. Here are steps to take to get gophers to vacate your property so you can enjoy your garden without worry.

Use The Right Fencing To Stop Burrowing In Your Garden

If you live in an area where gophers are prevalent, you will need a proper barrier around your garden to aid in keeping gophers away from your plants. Many people use mesh fencing as it is inexpensive and can be moved as needed. When you position mesh fencing around your garden area, you need to dig down at least a foot into the soil in the areas where the fence is to be placed. Turn the bottom portion of the fencing outward so it is parallel to the ground, facing away from your garden vegetables before placing soil over the mesh to keep it in place. If a gopher burrows down to try to gain access to your garden, it will be greeted with a barrier of mesh.

Use Scare Tactics To Get Gophers To Vacate The Area

When a gopher feels as if it may become prey to a predator, it will leave the area entirely. Placing a few large bird decoys in your garden will keep critters from getting too close to your vegetables. Place these on long poles and insert the poles into the ground near the perimeter of your garden area. Move the poles every few days so gophers think the birds are moving around to different areas on their own. In addition, try using motion-activated sprinklers and lighting systems to catch the gophers off-guard.

Call A Wildlife Removal Service For Assistance

Since the use of pesticides is not optimal in an area where food is being grown, it is best to rely upon a wildlife removal service to trap gophers instead. The worker that comes to your property will set traps in spots where tunneling areas are noticed. These traps are checked daily to see if gophers are inside of them. The wildlife removal service will then take traps with gophers inside to an area far enough from your property that they will not be likely to return.

To learn more, contact a wildlife removal service in your area.

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