Common Questions About Residential Pest Control Services

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It's important to have a pest control company coming out regularly and treating your property. If you are looking for information on residential pest control, then you should read the questions and answers below. This can help you better understand the importance of pest control

Why do you need pest control when your home is new?

You may think a new home isn't going to be at risk of a pest infestation. Since new homes tend to have windows and doors that seal tightly, new weather stripping, and brand-new materials, you may feel like the home is less likely to get an infestation. However, there will still be plenty of areas pests can come in through. There will be gaps somewhere, including around plumbing and electrical entrances and other areas. Also, pests can come inside anytime doors are open, as well as when you bring something home that may have pests in it. Some pests can even be brought right into your home from the grocery store. The best way to prevent infestations is to start working with pest control right away. 

Will the rain undo the pest control treatment on the exterior?

Some people decide not to have their homes treated during the wet months because they assume the treatment will be wasted due to all the rain. However, the rain doesn't undo the treatment. In fact, it will help because it helps spread the solution even more.

How soon after the treatment will you see results?

If you haven't had your home treated in a while, then right after the treatment, you may see more activity from the pests. This is because the solution will attract them in order to get them to come into contact with it. After they do come into contact with it, then they will die. 

How long does it take to treat the house?

If you have never had your home treated by a pest control company before, then you may have no idea how long it takes. When the pest control company comes out, they can get your home and property sprayed quickly. They can go around the inside of the home as fast as they can walk along the walls because their sprayer will allow them to spray as they walk. In many cases, they have a sprayer on their vehicle that also allows them to very quickly get the yard sprayed.

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