Removing A Bat From Your Home: What You Can Do

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Bats are a pest that you want around, as they eat a lot of mosquitoes in a single night, keeping these pests away from you and your family, but what you don't want is for the bats to find your home is their new home. Bats can be a nuisance and their feces can attract other pests to your yard. If you have bats that are nesting in your home, there are ways to get rid of them. Read on for some tips to help you remove them from your home.

Close Off Their Entrance

You need to close off their entrance point to your home. Figure out where they are coming out from and where they have been inhabiting in your home, then close off the entrance points with chicken wire or some other type of covering that will prevent the bats from getting into your home. Cover the opening so there aren't any openings larger than an inch. Once you close off the entrance, keep an eye out for any signs of this pest returning to your home.

Watch For Other Openings

Keep an eye out for other openings where these pests may be getting into and invading your home. If you see other openings, or you see other signs of bats in your home, you should close off the openings again. These pests may not leave your home, especially if they have found exactly what they want at your home. Close off openings where you find them nesting after they have left your house at dusk.

Remove Food Sources

You may not be able to remove mosquitoes from your yard, but you can do things to keep these insects they eat away. Spraying your yard with a pesticide will help keep mosquitoes away and can keep the bats away. Spraying your yard for other pests can help keep bats away as well. Trim trees, and keep your lawn trimmed in order to keep insects out of your yard. Bats feed off of insects, and removing their food source can send the bats to another yard or area to find food.

If you have a bat in your home, there are ways to get rid of them naturally. If you cannot get rid of these pests yourself, you can hire a pest control company to help get rid of them for you. Don't attempt to handle a bat yourself, leave this type of work to a professional.

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