How To Select The Right Mice Control Method

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It's nearly impossible to ignore loud scratching noises inside your walls, beneath your floorboards, and inside your ceiling. It's even harder to ignore your mice problem when you can see them dart across the room anytime. This and other hard-to-ignore signs will let you know how direly you are in need of mice control services.

The good news is there are several approaches you can go with for effective mice control. Some you can do on your own, while others you'd best leave to the mice control service professionals.

Here is a brief outline of some questions to keep in mind when determining the best approach to go with for your mice control plan.

1. Are You Looking for a Humane Method?

If causing the death of a mouse will weigh heavily on your conscience, then you will want to consider the methods that allow you to trap the mice for release later. A live catch trap will be your ideal choice.

Glue traps are among the most inhumane options in mice control services. The same goes for the bucket of death traps. Other types, namely electrocution traps and the old-fashioned snap traps, are both a little more humane. Electrocution traps, for example, will kill any trapped mice in one minimal-pain jolt.

2. Where Are Your Mice?

The location of the mice population will inform the method to use. This is why it is especially important to get mice control service professionals to help with your mice problem.

A trained and experienced exterminator will know the best technique to use in different situations. Try doing it yourself when you're working with a hidden nest inside your walls and, you will see how important it is to get help. You can only do so much by yourself, so it's best to get the experts.

Keep the Mice Out

The ultimate goal of mice control services is not only getting rid of any mice already present in your home but also ensuring they stay out. With an exterminator, you will get professional advice on doing precisely that. This includes sealing up any holes around your home that provide easy access to the rodents. You will also want to consider cleaning up both inside your spaces and out in the yard.

A mice population can grow pretty quickly. Call a professional mice control service as soon as you spot any evidence pointing to a mice infestation. The experts will know the right approach to use based on your unique circumstances.

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