Beg Bug Prevention Tips For Parents With Kids

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Bed bugs can invade any home, regardless of its state of cleanliness or the age of its residents. If you bring the bugs inside and they get a chance to have a meal, they'll reproduce and you'll have an infestation. Most bed bug control tips apply whether or not you have kids. Check the bed before staying in a hotel. Don't visit a friend who has had a recent bed bug infestation. There are, however, a few bed bug control tips that are specifically applicable to parents with kids.

Launder your kids' clothing immediately after sleepovers.

You would hope that your child's friends do not have bed bugs in their homes, but there is no way to know this for sure. If your child sleeps over at a friend's house, launder any clothing they had with them as soon as they come home. Use hot water, as this will kill any bed bugs. Have your child take their shoes off outside after a sleepover, too. Inspect those shoes for bed bugs before you bring them inside.

Make sure your kids know about the signs of bed bugs.

Talking to kids about bed bugs can be tough since you do not want to scare them. However, you do need to have this talk to ensure that if your children ever notice any signs of bed bugs, they know to tell you. This way, the infestation won't go unnoticed and untreated for too long. At the very least, tell your kids that they need to let you know if they ever wake up with spots and sores on their body, or if they see any brown or black bugs on their bed.

Teach kids to keep their rooms tidy.

Bed bugs do not just invade bedding. Sometimes, they like to hide in piles of clothing and plush toys, which are common things to see in kids' rooms. Talk to your kids about the importance of keeping their rooms tidy. If you do see piles of clothing or other items on the floor, have the kids pick those piles up and put things away. This way, if you ever do need to have the home treated for bed bugs, your pest control expert can focus on the beds and won't have stacks of potentially infested clothing to worry about.

Bed bugs don't like kids any more than they like adults, but you do have to take some extra precautions and care actions when there are little ones around. Contact a bed bug control company for more information. 

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