How To Get Rid Of A Stubborn Ant Infestation

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Usually, if you see a few ants in your home, you can put down a trap or two, wait a couple of days, and then your home will be ant-free. But what if this does not work and you continue to see ants? Then, it's time to take bigger steps. Here are a few more aggressive measures you can take when faced with a stubborn ant infestation.

Put Down Baits

Traps work for some insects, and they can work when you only have a couple of ants scouting out the place. However, baits are a better choice. Baits don't trap the ant; they feed it. When an ant finds the bait, they take a little nibble of the food that's inside. Then, they load up their backs and carry some of the bait back to the other ants in their nest. After sharing this meal, the ants all die due to the delayed-action pesticides in the bait. As such, a bait can kill many ants at once—even the ones that don't directly find the bait. You should put the baits in places where you have seen the ants searching for food. Many people place them along the backs of counters or under cabinet kickboards.

Spray a Barrier Around the Outside of the Home

Another good ant control measure is to spray a barrier of insecticides around the perimeter of your home. This is best done by a pest control company since a large volume of strong pesticides is needed. The pesticides will be applied to the ground a few feet from the edge of your home. Most ants will not cross the barrier, and those that do are likely to die. 

Get Rid of Any Food Sources

You've probably already cleaned up the major food sources for ants. Maybe you've put the fruit bowl in the fridge and vacuumed up any crumbs. If the ant infestation has persisted, though, you need to take some additional steps and get rid of every possible food source. Sweep any crumbs out of the back of the cabinet. Put your food into plastic or glass containers rather than keeping it in cardboard boxes. Pick up your pet's bowl when he or she is done eating. If there's no food to eat, ants won't stay in your home for long.

Ants can be tough to get rid of, but with baits, an insecticide barrier, and elimination of food sources, you can reclaim your space from these tiny pests. Contact an ant control service for more information. 

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