Skunks: Why Have Them Removed From Your Property

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You have skunks, and while you aren't too worried about these creatures beyond the stink, you should still consider having them professionally removed with a pest control specialist. Whether you have skunks under your porch or thriving on the edge of your property, you can benefit from having this animal removed from your property.

Skunks are actually comprised of 11 different species; however, most people are familiar with the striped skunk. Skunks also come in spotted or even swirly varieties, but each one of them carries the ability to spray a noxious and painful musk from their bodies when threatened or attacking.

Here are reasons to remove skunks from your property; have all skunk removal efforts done by a professional skunk control specialist.

Skunks are avid nocturnal hunters

Like raccoons, skunks are nocturnal in nature. Skunks are also omnivorous, which means they look for meat and small creatures to eat along with garden foods or mushrooms. While much of a skunk's diet is comprised of grubs, worms, insects, and smaller creatures, they are known to dine on smaller farm animals like chickens or ducks. They can also attack a garden and eat vegetables and fruit if these food sources are available.

If you have any pets on your property that are smaller than a cat, they can be put at risk for an attack by a skunk. Even though skunks don't go out to be dangerous, if they are threatened or see an opportunity for a snack on your property, an attack can happen. A pest control specialist can use traps and other skunk removal means to get skunks out of your yard.

Skunks carry diseases

Skunks are one of the more common pests associated with rabies, and they do carry the neurological disease in the US. However, skunks don't just carry rabies; they carry other diseases, as well, that can be dangerous to people or other animals, such as canine distemper and hepatitis, roundworm, and other diseases. Rabies in particular is of most concern because the disease is fatal if it's not treated early in both people and animals.

If you see a skunk on your property, don't approach or try to attack the animal. You risk injury or getting bitten in doing so. Have a pest control specialist assist you in removing any skunk or other pest from your property, even if they don't appear to be an actual threat to your home. Where you see one skunk, there may be more, so let your skunk control specialist know right away of any skunk sightings you see.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers skunk control services.

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