Five Termite Prevention Tactics For Your Home

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Termites can mean big trouble for your house. The best course of action is to make sure the termites never gain access to your home. The following termite control tips can help.

1. Turn Off Exterior Lights

Termites periodically grow wings and swarm so that they can mate and found new colonies. These swarms typically occur in the spring and summer. Just like moths to a flame, swarming termites can be attracted to porch lights and similar. Turn off all exterior lighting when it is swarming season so that you don't attract any termites to your home. Further, make sure to keep windows and doors closed until swarming is over.

2. Lower Your Soil Level

Termites can move from subterranean colonies into your home via the soil. To prevent this, make sure the soil level against your home is several inches below the siding or brickwork. An unbroken concrete foundation is impervious to termites, but the pests can make their way in beneath siding boards or through weak areas in brick mortar. Mulch in border garden beds must also be kept below the siding level in order to prevent a termite infestation.

3. Trim Back Vegetation

Vines growing up a wall or bushes growing right up against your siding can pose two issues. The first is that it makes it more difficult for a pest control service to inspect your home's exterior for possible termite infestations. The other issue is that dead wood in the vegetation can provide a bridge for termites into your home. Keep all vegetation several inches from your wall. Use trellises for climbing plants instead of allowing them to grow up your home's exterior.

4. Move Your Wood Pile

Stacking wood up against the house is a bad idea. It may seem more convenient for you, but it is also a convenient location for termites to build a colony. Eventually, that colony may move into your walls. Instead, store wood 25 feet or more away from any buildings. A dedicated wood shed is the best option.

5. Apply a Barrier Treatment

A barrier treatment helps prevent a termite infestation before it happens. These treatments can be applied to the yard, foundation, or both. Generally, barrier treatments are applied every five years or so, but you may need more frequent applications if you do extensive landscaping work around the perimeter of your home.

Contact a termite control service for more help with termite prevention on your property.

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