How to Get Rid of Odorous Ants in Your Kitchen

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If you find an infestation of tiny ants in your home, particularly in the kitchen, then they are likely odorous ants. These small pests don't usually bite, but they do produce a foul odor when crushed. They can also quickly overtake your kitchen and pantry, which can be unsightly at best and unhygienic at worst. The following strategies can help you get rid of these tenacious pests. 

Schedule Regular Pest Treatments

It can be nearly impossible to get rid of an ant infestation without a pesticide treatment once the insects establish in your home. For this reason, one of your first steps should be to schedule an ant control treatment from a local pest service. The service will treat the interior of your home, particularly along baseboards and in other areas where ant trails tend to persist. The exterminator should also apply a perimeter treatment to the exterior of your home to help prevent the ants from making their way inside. Since odorous ants are so small, it can be difficult to seal up every entry point; this is why perimeter treatment is important.

Package Food Correctly

Ants typically won't stay in your kitchen unless they have access to food. Odorous ants are drawn to sweet foods in particular, such as dry cereals, fruit, sugars, and dairy products, but they may also eat other items that humans wouldn't necessarily consider sweet. Store food in hard-sided containers that are tightly sealed so the ants cannot access the food inside. Fruit and other items should be stored in bags or baskets that can be hung up to make it more difficult for the ants to reach these items. Don't leave pet food bowls out when your pet isn't eating, or purchase a bowl that has the food surrounded by a water trough so that the ants can't get into the food.

Keep a Clean Kitchen

Storing food items isn't enough on its own since the odorous ants will also find sustenance in any crumbs or food residue laying about. Sweep the floors daily and clean counters and sinks after every use. Further, mop regularly—not only does this remove any food residue on the floor, but it also removes the scent trails that the ants use to navigate around your home. Stovetops can also harbor food crumbs and residue that can attract ants, so clean the stove as well as any crumbs that have fallen under it or the refrigerator so there is no food to attract the pests.

Contact a pest control service for more help.

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