Does Your Baby's Pediatrician Suspect That Their Rash Is From Bed Bugs? 3 Tips To Identify And Deal With The Problem

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Watching your infant sleep is one of those precious moments that you can enjoy as a parent, until you discover that they might be sleeping with bed bugs. While your pediatrician's suspicions may have you feeling very concerned, you should know that bed bugs are a nuisance that probably won't do serious harm to your little one. Bed bug bites are sometimes unsightly, and they can cause a persistent itch. However, they typically do not lead to serious health consequences unless a bite somehow gets infected.

Still, a bed bug infestation is not something that you can ignore. Bed bugs can spread fast, and you may have them located throughout your house. You can also spread them to other people's homes by accidentally transporting them on clothing, furniture, and other personal items. Once you know for sure that you have a problem, bed bug extermination is fairly quick and simple. 

Conduct a Careful Inspection of Your House

Once you get home from the doctor and get your baby settled, you can get started right away with checking for bed bugs. These insects look similar to fleas, but they have flatter, wider bodies. They also crawl to get from one place to another rather than jumping. Your baby's sleeping area is a good place to start checking for bed bugs, but they may not be easy to find if you keep your little one's mattress in a cover. Check around the seams of the current sheet that is on their bed, and give the floor around their crib a look. You can then continue your inspection in other parts of your house to find out if the bed bugs have traveled.

Schedule a Professional Bed Bug Inspection

If you note signs of a potential problem, then you need to call a bed bug exterminator who can confirm you and your baby's doctor's suspicions. They know how to accurately identify a bed bug so that you treat the right type of pest problem. You may also want to call an exterminator for an inspection even if you don't notice the signs of an infestation. These tiny critters are often hard for the average person to see, and having your house inspected gives you peace of mind about what might be causing your child's rash.

Talk About Your Treatment Options

A professional pest control technician can offer you solutions that are safe to use in your home with your baby. Special sprays are a potential option that can have residual effects or be reapplied to end the infestation. The technician can choose ones that are okay to use in a nursery, Alternatively, your exterminator may offer heat treatments that are effective and safe for families with kids and pets.

To learn more, contact a bed bug exterminator in your area.

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