Termite Control Tips For City Dwellers

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Termites are sometimes thought of as a rural problem. After all, they love wood, and there are a lot more trees out in the country than in an urban area. But termites are not that picky, and if you think about it, there's actually a lot of wood in cities, too — it just takes the form of fencing, porches, and homes. If you live in the city, you do need to be concerned about termite control. Here are some specific termite control tactics that work well in this type of environment.

1. Have an insecticide barrier put down.

The trouble in the city is that the homes are really close together. If one home in the neighborhood becomes infested with termites, they won't have to travel far to reach your home next! As such, a good way to protect your home from any termites that might be in the area is to have a barrier of insecticides put down in the soil. Your pest control company can inject these chemicals into the soil a foot or two down. If termites encounter the insecticides, they will be repelled, and in some cases, they will die. You will need to have this barrier re-applied every six months to one year, depending on the climate and how common termites are in your region.

2. Check those downspouts.

Drainage in the city is not always the best since there are so many buildings close together. So if your gutters dump water too close to your foundation, it will remain wet for a while — and termites love wet foundations. Make sure your downspouts deposit water a good ten feet from the home's foundation. Clear them out at least twice a year to keep water flowing freely.

3. Keep wood items stored off the ground.

Storage space is limited in the city, and your small backyard might be the only convenient place to store a little firewood, some outdoor furniture, or other items. But leaving these wood items out in the elements can result in them getting wet and attracting termites. See if you can borrow space in a friend's garage or shed for them, or at the very least, store them off the ground on plastic pallets. 

With the tips above, you can keep pesky termites from invading your city home. Talk to a pest control company that offers urban services to learn more. 

To learn more about termite control, reach out to a pest control company near you.

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