Rodent Home Invasion – The Risk Of Leaving Them Alone

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You've spotted some little brown droppings in the corner of one of the kitchen cabinets. You get a few traps and set them hoping to catch the rodents that have taken up residence in your home. Days pass and those little critters have managed to steal the bait while eluding the trap. How long do you continue this circle of failed attempts to capture the rodents? Here, you'll find a few reasons why it's time to call in professional pest control services now, rather than continuing the battle on your own.

Appliance Damage

How much have you spent on the kitchen appliances that you rely on each day? Those appliances are at risk the longer you allow the rodents to share your home. Wiring and water lines could be chewed and cause all kinds of complications – like electrical shorts, complete failure, decreased efficiency and water damage.

Rodents chew anything that gets in their way and love ripping out insulation to make into their homes. The wiring under each appliance is at risk of being chewed and in some cases, repairing the wiring could cost as much as replacing the entire unit.

The oven may be a target due to the insulation that surrounds it. The rodents chew their way through the outer cover and begin pulling the insulation out of the unit. Eventually, the insulation is gone and the oven will have to work harder to maintain the temperature that you need it to maintain in order to cook.

Electrical Issues

The electrical wiring that runs through the walls of your home could also be at risk. It doesn't take long for a rodent to chew through the outer protective layer of the wiring and leave the wiring carrying the electrical current exposed. When this happens, the risk of fire increases, the likelihood of failed outlets rises and there is also the chance of electrical shock when using electrical appliances due to ground wiring damage.

Food Contamination

Not only do you have to worry about damage to the home, but you also run the risk of consuming contaminated food – or feeding your pets food that has been contaminated. Rodents tend to leave droppings where they eat, as well as urine that isn't as easily noticed. Any food that has damaged packaging should be disposed of – this can end up leaving you with a hefty grocery bill to replace what was ruined.

Talk with your local pest control specialist to learn how they can help you eliminate the critters before you have to replace appliance and your stockpile of groceries.To learn more, try visiting websites like for more information.

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