3 Huge Reasons Not To Kill Bee Colonies In And Around Your Home

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Do you know what you'd do if you went outside and discovered that a colony of bees had decided to take up residence on your porch? What about if they were all over your vehicle? In many instances, you wouldn't need to do anything; simply wait and the bees will move on in a few minutes or a couple of hours. But if they've already decided to move in or you're allergic to bees and can't wait for them to leave then you'll probably want to do something more proactive. Although you could rush to the store for cans of insecticide, your best option is actually going to be to call in a professional. Some reasons for this include the following.

Safety: Spraying a swarm or a colony of bees can be extremely dangerous. As soon as you've killed or injured just a handful of them, the rest will go on the offensive. This could result in you receiving potentially hundreds or even thousands of stings from angry bees, putting your life at risk. Since the bees won't know who or what is attacking them, any person or pet nearby could also be put at risk. But a professional who is skilled at honey bee relocation will be able to deal with the situation easily and with minimal risk to anyone around. 

Environment: If you've been paying attention to the news at all in the past few years, you've almost certainly heard that colonies of bees are dying off at an alarming rate. Killing off a single colony might not seem like much right now but it could have a big impact in the long run. An expert in honey bee relocation will be able to take the hive and move it to a location that is in need of more bees. These wild-caught bees can sometimes be more resistant to whatever is killing off the existing colonies, making their additions even more important.

Cost: Whether you call an exterminator or try to do things yourself, this is going to cost money. Both of these have the potential to cost you hundreds of dollars in products, fees, and/or lost wages. With honey bee relocation, the fees involved are often going to be significantly less or even cost nothing at all. In some cases, bee removal experts are willing to take a swarm away at no cost to you. This is going to depend greatly on a variety of factors but is still something that you should know about.

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